Body Information Workshops at The Walls

For Body Information Workshops (2015-16) the general public book one-on-one experimental body workshops with Leena in order to gather and learn information about bodies. The participants had the option to complete 5 different tasks.

Visitors occupying workshop space

Front Desk

Documentation area

Tasks included:

Describe a positive feeling – Recall a time when you felt positive feelings and describe the particular experience to Leena. Leena will work with you to compose an audio recording of your description. You will each keep a copy of the audio recording. You can listen to the recording at your leisure.

Brush each other’s teeth at the same time – You and Leena will brush each other’s teeth at the same time.

Observe each other – You and Leena will sit face to face and spend ten minutes silently observing each other and writing down your observations. You will then compare and discuss your observations.

Trace your middle finger – You and Leena will both trace the length and shape of your middle fingers in a notebook.

Make a gesture for your heart beat – You and Leena will each place a hand over your own heart and motion your own heart beat for ten minutes.

Body Information Workshops first took place at The Walls in September 2015 as part of Liquid Architecture’s FM[X]GC program. It was also held at Boxcopy and Bus Projects in 2016.